• 3 & 4 BHK
  • 1,387 – 1,928 Sq. ft.

PB Royal Nest

By PB Homes - A Sister Concern of TBPL

Location: Mahatma Road, Muthuvara Jn, Thrissur


  • 3 BHK
  • 1,436 to 2,100 Sq.Ft

PB Silver Nest

By PB Homes - A Sister Concern of TBPL

Location: Arimbur, Thrissur


  • 3 BHK
  • 1630 Sq ft

Ushus Villas

Location: Koorkenchery, Thrissur


Ready to Move in Villas at prime locations in Thrissur

Villas In Thrissur

Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience with variety of villas for sale in Thrissur, including ongoing villas and ready-to-move-in villas. We build luxury villas in Thrissur that are designed to exceed your expectations. Our villas offer a wide range of amenities, including ample open space, rejuvenating swimming pools, and modern technologies. We also strive to create a sense of community by building our villas in gated communities. This ensures that you and your family will have access to a safe and secure environment.

Our villas are located in prime locations and are surrounded by lush greenery. We also have a team of experienced architects who can help you design your dream villa.

Villas for sale in Thrissur provide villa owners with the option of living in tranquil villa communities that are surrounded by lush greenery or by the lakeside. Gated community villas in Thrissur are incredibly family-friendly and diversified, apparently having very close-knit communities in a gated atmosphere that ensures safety and security. Ready-to-move-in villas in Thrissur prevalent have easy access to a plethora of services that make daily living simpler, such as schools, strip malls, shopping centres, health facilities, gyms, and a variety of restaurants and cafés within walkable distance. Our objective is to have a one-of-a-kind living space that allows Thrissur inhabitants to be a part of a lively, contemporary, and dynamic community. Our staff meticulously designs and hand-builds each villa to ensure it has high-end facilities and an unrivalled level of service.

TBPL Homes

Thrissur Kerala’s Cultural Capital

Thrissur is also known as Kerala's cultural capital, with numerous spiritual and religious monuments. It is also the site of the famous Thrissur Pooram festival, which draws millions of people to the city for a colourful 36-hour celebration. The presence of the nearby Guruvayur temple and numerous temple celebrations that draw large crowds each year has boosted the hospitality industry in Thrissur. Thrissur is still home to numerous large superior-class silk showrooms with well-known brand names throughout the country as well as an Ayurvedic drug manufacturing center.

Many prospective homebuyers are turning their attention more and more towards Thrissur as a result of the easy accessibility of employment and business opportunities. As more people choose to live in clean and spacious cities like Thrissur, we moved in and built a number of classy villas in Thrissur and apartments for homebuyers in prime locations in Thrissur.

TBPL Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Thrissur does indeed offer a rich cultural experience and has become a popular destination for tourists seeking a serene and beautiful place to visit. If you're interested in finding a luxurious apartment for a comfortable stay away from city life, Thrissur has many options to cater to your needs. These apartments not only provide modern amenities but also allow you to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the area.

One of the renowned builders in Thrissur is TBPL Homes -Thrissur Builders Pvt Ltd, which has been in the industry for over three decades. They are known for creating homes that excel in every aspect, offering class and luxury to their residents. Their Mission “The Trusted Builder” reflects their commitment to delivering high-quality living spaces. TBPL Homes has several ongoing and completed complexes in prime locations across Thrissur, ensuring easy access to essential facilities and strategic areas.

If you are looking for a Flat or Villa for living in Thrissur, it's essential to consider all aspects that matter to you, such as the location, amenities, size, and convenience. With TBPL Homes, you can explore various options for 2, 3, and 4 BHK flats and 3 BHK Villas in Thrissur that suit your preferences and offer a luxurious living experience. To get a better understanding of our apartments and villas, you can visit our marketing office and see firsthand the high standard of living spaces they provide.

Thrissur is an ideal place to invest in a flat or villas in Thrissur for several reasons: it is rich in culture and traditions and is a progressive city in Kerala with an impressive infrastructure. Thrissur is centrally located and well connected to all the towns and cities in Kerala, and major cities in the rest of the country through road and rail. Two international airports are also in close proximity to Thrissur, making domestic and international air travel easy. Thrissur has plenty of high-quality educational institutions at the school and college level and the medical facilities are world class.

Little wonder then, that the city is witnessing a real estate boom. TBPL Homes - Thrissur Builders Pvt Ltd. is a veteran in the Thrissur real estate arena, with over 32 years of exemplary service in the form of exceptional flats, apartments, and villas. Our founders had the vision to create an excellent infrastructure of housing for the people of Thrissur over the last three decades. The growing need for flats and apartments in Thrissur has been prompted by the rise of the city as an important hub of business and IT. Built on the lines of modern architectural styles, our construction philosophy is rooted in traditional concepts – convenience, comfort, and co-existence with Nature. We blend modernity and Nature in unique ways to craft living spaces sure to make you go Wow….!

If you are looking for flats in Thrissur to invest, Thrissur Builders is the ideal choice for you. We have several projects that are in various stages of completion, including ready to occupy flats in Thrissur. You can check out our completed projects as well, to see how the premium ongoing apartments, flats, villas look on completion.

We understand the importance of location; you need a safe neighborhood for your family, with easy access to main roads and essential services, markets, and more. All of our ongoing projects are in prime locations for your maximum convenience.

We take care of your comfort and wellbeing by providing ample green spaces and ensuring that the environment is unharmed. Our living spaces – whether they are villas in a gated community, or flats and apartments – are all designed to give you utmost space, convenience, and comfort. Our architects, engineers, and designers pool their talents to create luxury homes that turn your dreams into reality.

As of now, we have four ongoing projects in Thrissur in different stages of progress: PB Royal Nest, TBPL Rio Grande, TBPL Loire, and TBPL Maanas. In these villas and apartment buildings, we offer premium 3 & 4 BHK villas, 2&3 BHK flats in Thrissur, tastefully designed and constructed, with a goal to help you step up your lifestyle. All our ongoing projects are in prime locations of Thrissur district – because your address says a lot about you…!

Thriving Real Estate Market: Thrissur has experienced significant growth in its real estate market over the years. The city's infrastructure development, improved connectivity, and growing job opportunities have led to an increasing demand for residential and commercial properties. All our Flats and Villas are located at prime locations in Thrissur.

Cultural and Historical Significance: Thrissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala and has a rich history and heritage. The city's cultural events, festivals, and temples attract tourists and visitors, making it a desirable location for investing in holiday homes or vacation rentals. Our Apartments and Villas were situated very near to these cultural significant locations.

Educational Hub: Thrissur is home to several renowned educational institutions, including universities, colleges, and schools. This factor attracts a substantial number of students and their families, creating a constant demand for rental properties.

Growing IT and ITES Sector: The city has seen growth in the Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sectors, leading to an influx of professionals. This has fueled the demand for housing and commercial spaces, making it an attractive option for property investors. We have a large group of IT Professionals invested on our Apartments within Thrissur.

Thriving Tourism Industry: Thrissur is a popular tourist destination in Kerala, known for its temples, cultural festivals, and scenic beauty. The thriving tourism industry ensures a steady demand for short-term rental properties and accommodation facilities

Well-Connected Location: Thrissur is well-connected to other major cities in Kerala and neighboring states through a network of roads and railways. The upcoming Kochi Metro extension project further enhances its connectivity, making it a strategic location for property investment.

Affordable Property Prices: Compared to some of the other major cities in India, property prices in Thrissur are relatively affordable. This makes it an attractive option for both individual investors and developers

Potential for High Returns: As the city's real estate market continues to grow, there is potential for significant capital appreciation and rental income, providing attractive returns on investment over the long term

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