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Appunni Nair & Hemambika

Anjali Garden Villa No: 5

In 2006, when We opted for our first flat with Thrissur Builders, not only did we acquire a property, but also a family for a lifetime. Padmakumar Ettan and Bindu have been with us through all the highs and lows, all our best moments just like a member of our family. Their humility and constant support have always been something we have admired. We feel fortunate to have chosen again Thrissur Builders for one of the most important decisions of our lives ‘Villa Badhra’.. On Acha Ammas 50th anniversary , they joined us for the celebration like always

Shri. Krishna Das

Kalindi A6, North Bus Stand, Thrissur

A word of appreciation to your team. TBPL has made sure their project meets the investor's demands. They were very transparent in all their dealings and even stayed in touch after handing over to settle any issues. The high value appreciation of their apartments over the years is a proof of their good work. I recommend Thrissur Builders as the best builder in Thrissur for those in need of Apartments and Villas in Thrissur

Dr. K A Menon

Bhadra Apartments, T3, Westfort

When we were in search of 2BHK flats in Thrissur we realize that 3BHK flats were available within our budget with Thrissur Builders Pvt Ltd. TBPL has been in the business of meeting the demands for housing from different sections of the society for a number of years in a praise worthy manner. They win the confidence and patronage of the concerned people from the start, through sheer professionalism and trust. Their real estate activities cater to different tastes and requirements of the customers. Their care and services continue to flow gently like the big rivers after which they have interestingly named their housing projects. TBPL seems to be striving not only to be successful but to set of values in time. Wishing Them Well. For 2,3&4 BHK Apartments in Thrissur, I believe Thrissur Builders is one of the best builders in Thrissur.

Shri. Gopalakrishnan N

E-1 Alakananda Residency

First of all I would like to introduce myself to you. I am N. Gopalakrishnan, 73 years of age living in flat no: E-1, Alakkananda Residency apartment on Chungham Kerala Varma road, Trichur, built by TBPL. I have been staying in the above flat since January 2010 and I am very satisfied customer of TBPL, as they have given excellent after sales service since the flat handed over almost 7 and half years ago. TBPL maintain very good relations with all the flat owners and help to guide the residents association in tackling various problems. They regularly hold customer meet every year and invite all their customers for such meets. They also invite their customers for bhoomi pooja/ stone laying ceremonies of all their new projects. TBPL keep up the delivery schedule for all their projects without fail. I wish TBPL all the very best for all their future projects.

Shri. Sathya Narayana Menon

Neelanjanam - Villa No - 6 & 7

I Sathya Narayana Menon have purchased a villa from their 43rd project named "Neelanjanam" and would like to hereby mention in a few lines my experiences as a client. I am the secretary of the Neelanjanam villa owners association and i am fully satisfied with their construction of my villa and also their after sale service provided by their efficient customer services support team. Most importantly i would like to state after two complete monsoon season have not had any construction issues(eg.leakages)in any of the plumbing works or on the roof of any of the villas.Which is very good sign of the their good quality . Pertaining to their customer service support team i can say that they have the most efficient and co-operative team.During one or two minor incidents at the site,within days of raising issue they have dispatched a team to investigate and solve the problem without any delay.While forming the association certain service team provided their assistance(namely opening bank account and association registration.) Above are only a few of the valuable points i can state compared to the professional customer approach provided by TBPL,clearly making them as the best builders of quality home in the district of trichur district. Therefore i have no hesitation to recommend TBPL to any perspective buyer looking for a reliable and reputed home builder.

Shri. K Divakaran Nair

Anaswara Garden - Villa No - 8, Candela - 2B

My sincere thanks to a distant relative of mine through whom i got introduced to the MD of TBPL Shri Padmakumar in 2008.I was in search of a reliable builder my retirement home at trichur. Today i am enjoying all that you needed for a home.True to their caption,"Perfect home Makers". TBPL provided me my moneys worth with villa. After my association with TBPL and the people at the helm of affairs the friendship grew to such an extend that i can proudly say that i have booked a flat also at candela. Reliable sincere and prompt in handling over the apartment on time the way customer wants is the golden quality of the TBPL. Another point that i would like to share is their prompt after sales service in these days of non availability of skilled labours. Let me take this opportunity to wish the TBPL owners and their dedicated team "All the Best" in their future endeavours

Shri. Muralidharan U P

Kalindi A1, North Bus Stand, Thrissur

We were in search of flats for sale in Thrissur, and found TBPL as the best builder in Thrissur and bought a flat from them. We are thank full to you for giving us an opportunity to own a beautiful Asset and congratulating you for having created some of the premium Apartments in Thrissur. Among the builders in Thrissur, I recommend TBPL as one of the best builders in Thrissur.

Shri. N O Joseph

Secretary - Periyar Theeram Owners Association

On behalf of Periyar Theeram Owners Association. I would like to thank you for the timely help your office has rendered to overcome the damage affected to us during floods. We would also like to thank Mr.Ramachandran for coordinating the works with Sigma Power Line. Mr.Suresh and his Team has provided us good and timely service.

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