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Quality Assurance

Soil Test

To explore different properties of soil including safe bearing capacity at different depth for various stratas.

Water Test

To assess characteristics of water for construction activities and potability.

Cement Test

Premium branded OPC &PPC cement with higher strength and durability, having good test results are adopted for the construction.

Sieve Analysis

To determine the grading of fine & coarse aggregate being used for appropriate work.

Bend, Rebend & Yield Stress Test

Premium branded TMT bars having higher strength and ductility with effective earthquake resistance and with good test results are adopted for the construction.

Slump Test of Concrete

To Check the workability of concrete before placing.

Compressive Strength of Concrete (Cube Test)

To verify the strength of concrete used in construction after 7 days and 28 days curing.

Compressive Strength of Block

To confirm the load bearing capacity of masonry wall, crushing strength of blocks are checked.

TBPL Homes

Quality Policy

TBPL believe “Quality is the pride of workmanship” and shall continuously strive to delight our customers with quality products and services. It is our policy to deliver defect-free products on time, meeting all applicable requirements. We continuously improve to prevent defects, reduce costs, and increase value. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten and THINGS of quality have no fear of time.

When the baseline standards are set, the work is carried out by a team of very experienced contractors and supervised by our experienced technical staff with a defined time & budget schedule.

We enforce regular quality standards and our Quality Control team verifies each and every aspect of the project works as per the progress with standard checklist, which double check the work quality both in workmanship and with an error free product, which is properly documented for reference. On completion of all works, again a thorough quality check is carried out by the Quality Controller prior to handing over to the client. We use quality materials of reputed brands.

“We are committed to our customers, employees, the well-being of communities around us, and respect our Mother Nature. We also build Homes.”

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