TBPL Homes

Our Team Work

Modern Architecture

We have a panel of Architects who design the projects adhering to the Kerala Municipality Building Rules or Kerala Panchayat Building Rules. Architect coordinates with Structural, Electrical, Plumbing consultants and designs the project. TBPL technical team Coordinates with the Architect and finalizes the design.

Project Management

TBPL has an efficient professional team starting from Project Manager to the Store Keeper for a project. Under the able guidance and supervision of Project Manager the project work commences and the work is carried out in conformity with required standards. Each and every material is checked for its quality by the quality control team and ensures that only branded and best materials are used.

Quality Control

We have a Quality Control team. Quality Controller verifies each and every aspect of the project works and only after the approval of the Quality controller, the work is carried out. On completion of all works, again a thorough checking is carried out by the Quality Controller and the works are certified only if it is found satisfactory.

Marketing & Sales

We have different sources of Marketing viz: Digital through Google, FaceBook, online, etc. Advertisements through Hoardings, Paper etc., wherein the sales are derived from the enquiries received. However our existing customers are the Brand Ambassadors and maximum sales are through the word of mouth by our customers.

Customer Care

Once a customer becomes a TBPL family member, the Customer Care Executive takes care of the customer upto the handing over of the flat/villa. This Executive takes care of the requirements of each during construction and afterwards.

Home Care

Once the project is handed over, our Customer Relations Team ensures the comfortable stay of the customers in their dream home. Customer Relations Manager through Executive and Maintenance Engineer ensures all the requirements of the customer are met on priority basis upto the satisfaction of the customer.

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