Reasons Why Thrissur Is The Best Place To Live In Kerala

One of the richest states in India, Kerala has a population of about 34 million. On a sociological level, it is quite developed compared to other states. The quality of life for Keralites is the highest, and they have access to first-rate medical and educational facilities that are comparable to those in certain western nations. However, the best place to live in Kerala is Thrissur. One can enjoy the city happenings as well as get dipped in the cultural benefits of Thrissur. Flats in Thrissur boasts of modern amenities and is a great investment for living in a gated community. Thrissur, the cultural and gold capital of Kerala, is well-known for a variety of things. Every year, millions of people are wowed by the temple festivals known as Poorams, which are in and of themselves a tourist draw.

Thrissur offers a plethora of job opportunities with decent pay. Since it is near Ernakulam, it is not strenuous for those who want to commute daily to reach their offices in Ernakulam. Thrissur experiences substantial growth in the real estate market as a result of the tight packing and land shortage in the nearby cities. The city’s top industries for making money are textile manufacture, hospitality, big superior-class silk shops, and jewelry manufacturing. There are also numerous IT parks, like Infopark Thrissur and Thrissur IT Park which offer thousands of job opportunities. Hence, undoubtedly Thrissur is the best residential city in Kerala. Most Keralites who reside outside Kerala believe that buying an apartment in Thrissur is a good investment in Kerala.

Why is Thrissur the best place to live in Kerala?

Additionally, Thrissur is now experiencing significant expansion in the real estate sector as a result of the adjacent cities’ being tightly packed and lack of available space. A further draw for homebuyers is its reputation as a clean, green city where law and order, and communal harmony, still reign. The demand for residential buildings in this area is also being fueled by the presence of famous educational institutions and top hospitals. Also read read more about buying an apartment a good investment in kerala.

Many prospective homebuyers are turning their attention more and more toward Thrissur as a result of the simple accessibility of employment and business prospects, serving as magnets. Undoubtedly, Thrissur is a space to improve work-life balance with numerous job opportunities, modern amenities, and many cultural activities. Also read more about how to improve your work life balance.

Growing IT Hub

The IT business is thriving in this portion of Kerala as well, making it feasible for techies to lead a better lifestyle. The city is home to one of Kerala’s largest IT clusters and can house much more. IT professionals are continually on the search for opportunities to invest in this attractive location to reap the most rewards in the shortest amount of time. With Thrissur’s burgeoning IT business, it’s just a matter of time before more IT experts relocate to the city, guaranteeing a better community living experience, with each passing year.


Thrissur and its superb connectivity deserve special recognition. The city is a traveler’s paradise, with convenient access to not one, not two, but three airports! Kochi Airport is only 58 kilometers away, Kozhikode Airport is only 80 kilometers away, and Coimbatore Airport is only 115 kilometers away. With so many alternatives, you can choose where you want to fly from. Needless to say, the Thrissur train station is quite important for frequent travelers, and traveling by road is also not difficult.

Artwork and Handicrafts

The dynamic people and vibrant surroundings bring some much-needed flavour to your life. People are always busy creating artworks such as brass pots, gigantic lamps, handicrafts, and temple and home furnishings. People come from all across Kerala to buy beautiful brass artefacts and handicrafts to beautify their homes from the suburbs of Thrissur.

Sophisticated lifestyle

Thrissur has become an ideal investment site for homebuyers from all over the world, striking the perfect combination of leading a nature-oriented lifestyle with modern infrastructure. While there are opportunities to live near nature, the city also provides landmarks and other utilitarian areas. Thrissur, which is home to the Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, and Kerala Lalithakala Academy, is a remarkable tribute to cultural preservation. These academies not only provide jobs, but also serve to highlight the state’s rich history.

Cutest Language

The Thrissur people’s spoken language has its unique charm. Thrissur has a fabulous Malayalam accent. People enjoy listening to this simple and humorous method of communicating. You can now listen to and learn a little about this new accent.

Safe habitat

Aside from these things, this city is a secure location to live. One of Kerala’s and South India’s safest districts.

Why is Thrissur known as the “Cultural capital of Kerala”?

The Poorams or temple festivals of Thrissur, Kerala’s cultural center, draw thousands of people every year as these carnivals embody every aspect of the state’s rich legacy. These are hotspots for folk art performances and cultural tours that will give you an in-depth look at some of the state’s biggest traditions. There is always a festive spirit in the air, from majestic elephants to colorful puli kali processions to the world-renowned Thrissur Pooram. Several cultural institutions, including Kerala Kalamandalam, Sahitya Academy, and the Sangeetha Nataka Academy, are also located in the area. Thrissur is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. The crowds, swaying to the rhythms of the musical instrument “Chenda”, is an incredible and rejuvenating experience. The rich culture of Thrissur makes it the best place to live in Kerala.

Why has Thrissur been considered the perfect employment and commercial hub in Kerala?

Even though Kerala is known as a consumer state rather than a producer state, Thrissur’s economy is self-sufficient. According to the RBI, this stately ancient city was home to 58 banks in the 1930s and was renowned as India’s banking hub. It is still the headquarters of a lot of financial firms and banks today. It also houses around 2,000 Kuries or Chit firms, which have played a significant role in building Thrissur into the business center of South India that it is today.

Thrissur has also developed into a major red-clay tile manufacturing center as well as an Ayurvedic medicinal products manufacturing center. According to a legend, the King of Cochin invited 52 Syrian Christian families to come to Oottupura and pursue the textile business. With their inherent aptitude for business, these astute business men quickly built up the city of Thrissur and transformed it into the South’s retail business center.

Even today, Thrissur is home to a large number of superior-class silk showrooms with well-known national brand names. Another notable industry in the city is the manufacture of diamond and gold jewelry, with around 70% of Kerala’s jewelry consumption coming from this region.

Best places to visit in Thrissur

Have you ever wished to explore the magnificent Athirapally Waterfalls? Or seek Shree Krishna’s blessings at the well-known Guruvayur Temple? Or simply be mesmerized by the hypnotic sight of sunset at Chavakkad Beach? To make all of these activities a reality, you must schedule a trip to Thrissur! The Thrissur area is known for some of the finest tourist attractions, ranging from the magnificent church of Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours to the Chettuva backwaters that connect to the Arabian Sea. There are many breathtaking vistas and tourist sights that make Thrissur a must-see.

Athirapally waterfalls

The famed Athirapally waterfall is located about 60 kilometers from the main city of Thrissur. The falls are sometimes compared to Niagara Falls in the United States and Canada.

Thrissur zoo and a state museum

Chembukkavu Udaya Nagar, Chembukkavu, Thrissur is home to the Thrissur Zoo and State Museum. This is one of the best tourist attractions in Thrissur, located right in the city center.

Chavakkad beach

Thrissur boasts incredible beaches, which add to Kerala’s beautiful coastal line. Chavakkad Beach, located on the Malabar Coast, with magnificent blue waves of the Arabian Sea that attract tourists.

Guruvayur temple

Guruvayur Temple is one of India’s oldest and largest temples, with references reaching back to the 16th century. Guruvayur Temple is at the top of any traveler’s agenda when they visit Thrissur. It is an important destination of worship for Hindus who pray to Lord Vishnu here in the shape of his Krishna avatar, Guruvayurappan.


Kerala is one of India’s most blessed states, where natural beauty and modernism coexist to present people with an out-of-the-world experience. With the establishment of numerous IT centers in Kerala, the settlement option has gradually expanded in all districts of Kerala. Whether you are a young couple starting a family or a senior looking to live a relaxed life, undoubtedly Thrissur is the best place to live in Kerala. With a low cost of living, high security, and a holistic outlook on life, investing in Thrissur will yield dividends that go beyond monetary value.

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