Complete Guide on Water Conservation Tips for Apartments

With the increase in population versus decrease in water level in our country is a major issue. Considering the issue of water scarcity that is occurring day-by-day due to various reasons has bound people to look for various ways that can help them to preserve water. Moreover, it’s not only water, it’s safe and clean water that is lacking. Due to adverse weather conditions and due to huge developments water bodies and forests are demolished to create economic source for people. In this scenario the only way left out is, be conscious and start initiating water conservation at various places. Now-a-days well reputed apartment developers and owners association are coming up with several methods for water conservation.

Water Scarcity is Now Increasing Worry Among People

The demand of water is increasing with the increased population. Despite water being one of the very basic needs, people now have to purchase water even for regular usage. Nowadays people prefer to live in apartment, as there are lots of advantages of apartment living. Also, water- efficient apartment will definitely help one to save one’s water bill.

Even people are getting cautious and are adopting several methods that help to reserve water within the apartments for future use. Let’s discuss some water conservation tips for apartments that can be easily adopted by their dwellers.

Water Conservation Tips for Apartments

All the populated cities are going through the issue of water crisis. However with small techniques and initiatives it is possible for apartment and complexes to be self sufficient in case of water supply.

Rainwater Harvesting

One of the major solutions for water conservation in apartments will be rain water harvesting. There are few techniques that can help to do rain water harvesting with better process.

Rainwater harvesting can be done through two basic methods one is groundwater harvesting method and another one is rooftop rainwater harvesting method. Groundwater harvesting is widely known as artificial recharge. In this method an artificial reservoir is organized where water can be stored and a faster method is used to add more water to the aquifer. In rooftop rainwater harvesting, roof is promoted as catchment trough to collect rainwater and through pvc gutters and downpipes the water is sent to the storage tanks. A first-flush diverter is fitted before the tank for flushing out all the pollutants from the stored rain water. These storage tanks have taps from where water can be collected through buckets.

Apart from these there are several other methods that can be easily adopted for water conservation in apartments:

Fixing of Leakages

Every apartment get leakage issue at some point of time, and often people fail to notice it on time. Fix all leaky faucets and taps and this can ensure huge water saving. A leaky faucet that keeps on dripping each second can be the reason for wastage of more than 2500 gallons of water per year, so trying to fix all faucet leakages can save gallons of water. People need to increase awareness.

Smart Use of Washing Machine

Washing Machine, another big reason for water wastage, people keep on using the washing machine even when they have few clothes to wash. Stop doing that, store your clothes, when you have a bucket full of clothes use it with proper water level. Or else you can even check and adjust the water level of your washing machine based on the number of clothes you are washing, this will definitely save a huge amount of water.

Use Water Meter

Know your regular or monthly water usage by using water meter; this will help you to gauge your water usage. And will also help you get rid of excess water wastage. A proper control over your usage will sort out most of your water issues.

Use Water Saving Adapters

Nowadays as people are getting cautious they are using water saving adaptors on faucets and taps and this step helps to save near about 50 percent of water wastage.

Re-Use the Greywater

Greywater is the wastewater that is collected from non-toilet plumbing such as washing machine, hand basins, showers etc. Capturing Greywater in a proper way will help you in better water conservation. Use the Greywater for non-potable works such as toilet flushing, floor cleaning, water gardening. Go for some indoor garden ideas.

Increase Water Conservation Awareness

Encourage water conservation ways and methods with friends, family, neighbors via several useful contents. Start a forum or a group where you can keep sharing ideas and promote water conservation in flats.

Water Your Garden in Cool Temperature

Try to water your plants in the evening or morning when the temperature is lower than any other time of the day as that will help to minimize evaporation. Here are some easy tips for how to keep top floor apartment cool in summer.

Use Dual Flush

A dual flush toilet helps to have two buttons to flush different levels of water as per requirements. This helps again in minimum water wastage.

Low Flow Shower

Use low flow shower heads in kitchen and bathroom in place of a tap which will help to cut down water wastage up to 50 %. If you use a small headed shower that will enable you to save up to 100 gallons of water per month.

Use Tippy Tap

A wonderful device have evolved in market based on demand, it’s a device which dispenses small amount of water for hand wash with soap and helps to improve hygiene. Using tippy tap will help to save up to 200 ml of water that is wasted every time. It’s a small device that helps a slow and limited flow of water for hand wash only.

Install Drip Irrigation System

Water your garden with the right amount of water and when it is required, do not over water your plants.

Few Other Water Conservation Tips for Flats in Thrissur

Store water in refrigerator to have cold water rather than keeping your tap open for long period to get cool water.

Try soaking all utensils in a tub or sink while cleaning and stop keeping the tap open throughout while washing those utensils, clean them all at time.

Use brooms to clean driveways and sidewalks rather using a hose, this will help to stop excess water wastage.

Wash your vegetables and fruits in vessel rather than washing it under draining water.

Stop evaporation from your swimming pool. Try to cover the swimming pool when not in use.

Keeping checking your taps and faucets if they are leaking, contact your plumber immediately to stop leaking.

Wipe your car rather than using a hose to clean it.

Stop allowing kids to play with recreational water toys as that will also help you to save water wastage.

Adopt Green Lifestyle: Greenery comes through plants that help to lower the rate of carbon that enables to have more water conservation. Add more and more plants to your surroundings that will ensure that the plant roots help to hold the soil that can have abundant water preserved for your plants. Go through some small apartment balcony ideas.

Keep on conducting period knowledge sessions on water conservation within your apartment fellow mates. This will help to increase awareness on water conservation. If you are living in apartments, use several water conservation tips for apartments that will enable you to get better results.

Remember water conservation is a practice. You need to keep on improvising the method to have a better conservation each time.

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