13 Checklist Before Buying A Flat: Things You Need To Know

Over the years, investing in property is considered the worthiest one for commercial as well as residential purposes. Apart from residential purposes, home as an investment option is a brilliant thought. People often migrate to metro cities and top cities of India for better habitat and for employment, education, and business purposes. Apartment living is preferred by most residents due to the busy schedule. Security, waste disposal, and easy maintenance are a few reasons to count on. Before buying a flat a checklist should be considered, which is prepared with intricate planning, extensive research, and consultation with specialists. If you are looking out to buy an affordable apartment, we can help you provide the checklist before buying a flat. If you consider the below checklist, you have zero chances of getting cheated.

1. Build a strategy

You must develop a plan to make the apartment purchase affordable and beneficial before making a choice. While checking the area of the flat to be purchased, do ensure what is the Carpet area and the Super built-up area. When it comes to costing do confirm the total cost is including the GST, Connectivity charges, registration cost, association and maintenance fund and any other local taxes.

The strategy involves deciding the builder, location, the facility required, and budget. You should decide what you require, ready to occupy flats or custom designed flats. Custom designed flats are more expensive than ready to occupy flats.

2. Location and facility

Once you’ve determined your budget, you can narrow down the area in which you want to live. It’s not often that you have the opportunity to purchase your dream home. Your home should ideally be a place where you can rest after a hard and exhausting day at work. It should also be financially feasible for you. Also, you should make sure that the flat you purchase has all the facilities you require.

3. Construction standards

Check the quality of construction by evaluating the strength of the structure, kind of flooring used, window frames, the standard of bathroom fittings, and so on before you get impressed by the decked-out sample flat and finalise the sale. If you are interested in booking an undeveloped property, check online or, if possible, visit and check the recently built property amenities and standards of the builder. To explore more, you can go to the developer’s ongoing project, and do a walkthrough to get a good feel of the builder’s construction style and quality.

4. The reputation of the builder

It is always preferable to work with a builder who has a well-established market presence. A builder with a solid market reputation may demand a modest premium over the other builders, which may well be worth it. Think of it as an investment to your peace of mind. Look up as much information on the builder as you can. Do a little more on the checklist before buying a flat, and prepare some questions to interview the builder. It is also better to make an inquiry about the reputation of the builder in the market and also the quality and service of employees. You can even inquire regarding the financial dealings of the company.

5. Car parking

With the significant increase in the number of vehicle owners, competition for parking spaces is developing in all major cities. In certain circumstances, people are obliged to park their cars on public roads where they are risky. So, before purchasing flats in Thrissur, be certain that you will have access to a secured parking place for your car in the building. This is a critical facility for a pleasant lifestyle in any Gated community in Thrissur.

6. Commutation and transportation

Commutation and transportation are one of the keypoint before buying a flat checklist. Before purchasing an apartment in Thrissur, you should investigate the availability of commutation and the transit network that connects you to the rest of the city. Your daily commute to the office or other locations would be difficult if you did not have appropriate transportation options. As a result, always buy a flat in Thrissur in an area with sufficient public transportation and commuting options.

7. Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is a prominent factor since flats have no backyard. Before choosing apartment living, make sure they facilitate waste disposal.

Do ensure that the project has wet and dry waste recycling option and Sewage treatment plant which is a must for the apartments for sale in Thrissur.

8. Neighbourhood

You must also evaluate the neighbourhood and the perceptions of people who will or are already living on or near the property.

Do confirm that the property is not in an unsafe or lonely place. Some developers may even offer comparatively high prices by stressing some vague anticipated future development projects that may or may not occur in the neighborhood.

9. Paperworks

The paper works for registration and other certificates should be verified in detail. You can even take a consultation with people who are well-versed with the paperwork. You must check that the project is Registered with Real Estate Regulatory Authority as per the RERA act of 2016. A RERA registered project is a safe investment, even if anything goes wrong your investment will be returned with interest.

10. Return on Investment

It is critical to consider the apartment’s rental and potential resale value. Not just for people who intend to rent or sell their property, but also for those who intend to buy a home and live in it for an extended period of time, if not forever. When you are finalising the house, you must consider the factor, home as an investment. You should enquire about the area and the return on investment. Since the location’s ease of access will determine your ROI.

11. Size of the property

Before closing the sale, make sure the carpet area is correct as per the advertisement. In some advertisements, the flat area mentioned is 1200 sq.ft. but the actual area will be only 800 or 900 sq. ft. They will advertise including the balcony and staircase.

12. Latest technologies

Today, everything is controlled and driven by technology, even smart luxury apartments are maintained and run by the latest technologies. A few examples of the same are automated video calling for doors, sophisticated security measures, and alarm systems for gas leaks. Apart from this, many other smart features, such as remote light controls and others, improve the quality of life in apartments powered by technology. Before concluding a deal, confirm that these functionalities are available if you require it.

13. Power supply and water facility

If there is a lack of clean water and frequent power outages in the area, no amount of luxurious, completely equipped housing will make you feel comfortable. This can be really frustrating, particularly if you decide to live independently. This is because there won’t be any power backup and inverters can’t handle heavy loads for extended periods of time. So, one of the first things you should do is to verify the local electricity and water supplies.

An important factor that you should check is, does the builder provide good after sales service. This you may confirm by visiting the builder’s old projects and chatting with the residents.

Are you planning to buy a flat in Thrissur?

If you are concerned regarding” how to buy a flat?”, we have a team to help you provide the details of the best and most genuine flats. You can also consider the above points to check before buying a flat to make a reliable deal. After all, investing in properties involves a lifetime of earnings, dreams and achievement.

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