Best Out Of Waste: Innovative Decor For Your Home In Kerala

At home, a lot of waste appears every day, including cardboard boxes, coconut shells, old newspapers, glass jars, and plastic bottles. These can all be creatively combined to brighten up the décor. The best use for household waste is to make functional and decorative products from it rather than throwing it away. Especially, residents of flats in Thrissur are making incredible decor using waste. The most recent global pandemic, COVID-19, has confined everyone to their homes. We have all participated in a new lockdown procedure during this time. While some of us are busy picking up new skills, others are busy binge-watching Netflix, and the remaining individuals are busy using the greatest home decoration ideas made from garbage to decorate their homes.

The best out of waste is to make functional and decorative products from it rather than throwing it away. The greatest strategies to lessen one’s carbon footprint are to make something new out of old, recycle, and upcycle. One can spruce up their home or office with DIY items created from waste. These crafts are excellent for your children’s school assignments. Furthermore, you may reuse materials and adorn your home with these best waste craft ideas.

1. Decor piece using disposed glass bottles

One of the best out of waste ideas for home decoration is home decor pieces from glass bottles. Glass bottles are the most ubiquitous things found in every home. Empty wine bottles, used milk bottles, ketchup bottles, and old glass water bottles are frequently thrown. Instead, they may be used to make some of the most affordable and beautiful out-of-waste home décor pieces. Bottles may be used as a table lamp, a display, or a flower vase. Glass bottles can be brightened by decoupage (the act of embellishing a surface with paper cutouts and covering it with varnish (or adhesive)). Colour sheets or old magazine pages, excellent quality glue, and a flat brush are all that is required to make a wonderful bottle that can be used as a décor item.

2. Organisers using cardboard and empty tins

Flats in Thrissur have cosy rooms and organisers can be used to make use of the space efficiently. For kids to complete their schoolwork effectively, the desk has to be organised properly. To neatly store pens, pencils, scissors, etc., make a lovely desk organiser out of old cardboard boxes, tins, colourful paper, and ribbons. To position and adhere tiny, used tins, cardboard boxes, or cylindrical cardboard to the base, you will need thick cardboard, a jute mat, or both. Utilise what you have, including paint and colourful paper fragments. Take the printed sheet of paper and glue it to the tin container to cover it. Use cardboard in a variety of sizes and shapes to create the desk organiser’s dividers. Build the divider as needed by glueing the cardboard pieces together using a glue gun.

3. Vertical Plastic Bottle Garden

One of the most fascinating best out of waste concepts nowadays is the use of plastic bottles to create vertical gardens. In fact, it is considered as the best out of waste wall hanging. At home, it’s simple to grow plants in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles may be creatively decorated by being cut in half and painted whatever you desire. You may make a little planter that can be placed within your kitchen or outside on your balcony using plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes. Create a few holes for drainage at the bottom, fill it with mud, and then plant these little plants. Regularly water them to watch life emerge before your very eyes. Make sure to choose bottles that can bear the weight of moist mud and plants. Choose an area with plenty of sunlight. The Exteriors of the Flats in Thrissur are decorated incredibly with a vertical garden.

4. Photo frame from icecream stick

Ice cream sticks are another item that is abandoned once the yummy ice cream is consumed. Instead of tossing them away, glue together a square or rectangle of old ice cream sticks. Paint them bright colours or embellish them with glitter and beads. You may then insert photographs of your choice within the frame. Hang them with ribbons or place another stick behind the frame to construct a stand and keep it on your table and make it another incredible best out of waste decor. They are eco-friendly, and youngsters will love the concept of being able to be as creative as they want with them.

5. Food storage boxes as a kitchen organiser

Many items, including chocolates, biscuits, and sweets, are now packaged in tin cans. Use such tins as kitchen organisers to keep the area neat. After cleaning, you may embellish the tin with lace, wasabi tape, coloured papers, fabric, coir, or just spray paint it. Utilise the eye-catching tin box to store little objects like scissors, knives, spoons, spice packets, and other small items.

6. Waste coloured card fencing decor

This technique is one of those best out of waste home decoration ideas that will not only improve the general appearance of your home but will also give it a completely new appealing mood. Cut out an old coloured card paper fence in the shape of a single unit. Keep the length at approximately 20cm and the width at about 10cm, with the length tapering into a triangle at the top. Make many of these units in different colours and place them against a wall on the floor, leaving a little gap between the fence and the wall. Use this space to conceal any of your cords and wires that detract from the appearance of your home by laying about in plain sight.

7. Magnificent artworks from old newspapers

We read newspapers all day. Do you get tired of the stack of newspapers you keep for later use? We save newspapers, unsure whether they will be used in the near future. However, newspapers may be really useful in the creation of something amazing! If applied correctly, these greatest out of waste newspaper ideas may turn into magnificent artworks. Recycled newspaper coasters are a fashionable and environmentally friendly decor among the best out of waste ideas from newspapers. A stylish and eco-friendly recycled newspaper coaster set is an excellent addition to any table. Cut a newspaper in half halfway through. Then, roll each piece on a stick and glue the ends together to form tubes. Take out the stick. Attach each paper tube and roll it into a circle, bonding the ends with glue. Roll multiple tubes one after the other, securing the ends each time, to make a larger circle. Once it’s the right size, paint it all over and let it dry. Make coasters out of old magazine papers that have been coated with nail polish to make them semi-waterproof.

8. Piggy banks for kids from waste

Old water bottles and empty plastic bottles can be used to make children’s piggy banks (of vinegar water, juice, etc.). Make a 2 inch long slit on one side of the bottle for the coins. The slit should extend the entire length of the bottle. Paint the lid pink and add two nostrils to the lid to make the bottle look like a pig. Focus your attention on the front of the bottle. Cut two pink paper ear shapes and glue them to the bottle.


Best out of waste ideas for home decoration abound; you just need to know where to look. These DIY projects will not only save you money but will also bring out your inner artist. Also, the pieces you create contribute to making a perfect match for your home decor. We hope that these best out of waste projects will help you in redecorating your home in the best way possible while staying at home during these times. You can also come up with your own innovative designs using other waste materials lying around the house to take the look of your home up a notch. Don’t forget to personalise the above home decoration ideas by creating designs that reflect your personality. You don’t have to be a creative artist or a professional to look for ways to improve the interior of your home. Simple and practical solutions are frequently effective!

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