11 Best Indian Interior Design For Small Flats

The Indian style of interior design incorporates a strong essence of culture. It has a great sense of influence from Indian history, art, and architecture, which even the Flats in Thrissur have adopted to modify the interiors.

Let it be the motif architecture, Indian tribal art, intricate carvings, paintings, or anything that depicts the deep Indian roots-your flats, apartments or residences turn beautiful when they are infused with the best interior design elements.

However, don’t let the evolution of the Indian small home interiors leave you in a dilemma! To add a desi touch to your homes, let’s take you to a comprehensive guide giving you the best tips ever.

Read further to explore the 11 best tips for Indian interior design for small flats and apartments in Thrissur.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Your Interior Design

Before choosing the appropriate design for your Indian apartment or flat interiors, it is essential to look for the following factors:

Connect to an interior designer- To discuss the scope of the design and its relationship with the space, talk to an expert interior designer.

Plan your budget- Have a clear idea about the budget in your mind before you approach the designer. Kee a benchmark figure in your mind through a few changes may alter the actual cost.

Evaluate what you require- Be clear on what you need- don’t put too much focus on the functionality alone since it can minimize the visual appeal. Similarly, more emphasis on stylish interiors can be needed to maintain the results. Maintain a balance between aesthetics and functional quality.

Think long term- Since it is challenging to optimize a space and interior design, it can take time to complete. It is necessary to think about the future and choose a design that remains great for a long time.

Tips To Create The Best Indian Interior Design For Small Flats

We’ve got some interesting tricks to let you transform small interiors with beautiful designs. Whether you live in a tiny room, a studio apartment, or a luxury flats in Thrissur, these space-saving design ideas can give you an idea of living comfortably while maintaining a great lifestyle. Also, read more about furnishing an apartment on budget

Use Vibrant Colors and Patterns

When it comes to colors, Indian houses use bright and varied colors. A mix of colors like beige, gold, and red gives a regal touch to the Indian interior design for small flats. Too much color can spoil the visual appeal, hence it is always preferred to go for the earthy shades. Choose burnt orange, ochre yellow, and classy browns to give your floors and walls a perfect Indian appearance. To add to the fluorescent part of the spectrum, you can opt for yellows or pinks. The blues and greens are always welcome in small elements like seatings, pillowcases, etc. You may choose neutral tones for the base color, lighter shades for walls, and use peppy colors for highlights.

Try Solid Wood Furniture

The elegance and the kind of Indian favor dark wood contributes to, are amazing. Solid wood furniture is an integral part of Indian interior design. It stands close to the colonial nostalgia of our country. You can choose beautiful Indian craftsmanship and classic pieces of curved armrests, carvings, inlay work, etc. made of ivory and metal. Get some centerpieces and use understated furniture as a combination. You can also use Indian footstools, bird cages or wooden chests, and rare Indian historic furniture pieces to add more antique appeal.

Decorate Informal spaces for family meetups

Who doesn’t love a swing to relax after a satisfying lunch/dinner? Different types of seating that add to the comfort of the family are excellent ideas for small space Indian interior design for small flats. You may use high sofas, footrests, diwans, and high chairs for more comfy spaces. To make the living rooms roomier, try an open-plan design. In case of less space, you can even combine the dining table, coffee table, and seating for a family dinner. Don’t cover large windows with thick curtains. Use soft curtains and let the natural light get in to give more depth to the spaces. You may use floor cushions and rugs to give warmth and comfort. Jhoola or swing can give more positive vibes to the spaces and make family time interesting.

Cover the nooks and niches with exciting decor

Indian interiors always prefer wooden curios and amazing handicrafts to add to the beauty of indoors. When dealing with Interior design ideas for small Indian flats, you can prefer Thanjavur handicrafts for display. Also, since India beholds a huge variety of handicraft items, there are many artifacts you can choose from to design your home. The ideal choices include puppets, clay pottery, diyas, lamps, brass pots, decorative boxes, metallic and marble boxes, ceiling light, compact furniture, mirrors, crockery, and so on. The brass lamps and Indian traditional pots can speak the rich antique tale of India, giving your home a traditional element. Go for mirrors at corners to elevate the space and create an illusion of space available.

Use rich desi print fabrics for the best furnishings

Ever tried bedsheets with tribal prints? India is rich in its elegant fabric design patterns. These fabrics can turn beautiful to our home interiors if used creatively. You may use smooth fabrics for window and door drapes, simple pattern sheets, divans, carpets, tabletops, etc. As a part of interior design, you can use soft fabrics with ikat or dabu prints to upholster your cushions. Also, materials like Khadi and cotton are ideal to be used for the side chairs. Choose fabric material like jute to cover the footstools and small furniture. When you add cultural and traditional elements of Indian culture to furniture, you can scale up the interior aesthetics. Every region has a unique culture to offer, Northern India is different from what Kerala has to offer. You may try vibrant colors of India in the fabrics you use on furniture. Try adopting various unique things like animal print sofa covers and Indian folk print bed sheets to transform your interiors.

Decorate Pooja Room floors with white marble

Pooja rooms or prayer rooms are the most serene and must-have spaces for your flats. Marble flooring has gained significance nowadays due to the elegance and the divinity it offers. Nothing can beat the shine of pearly white marble flooring for your prayer area. A charming place of worship is a typical type of Indian interior design. Paint the walls with light colors and give them ambient lighting. Your pooja room looks bright if you use marble, granite, or wood for the interiors. For rooms with small spaces, you can use a cupboard pooja mandir design or hanging pooja rooms with Indian design style architecture that incorporates traditional prayer room design.

Fill the walls with folk art and paintings

Warli painting is a kind of Indian tribal art that can be used to build an accent wall. Traditional art forms like Warli, Madhubani, Kalamkari, Gond, etc. The hand-painted patterns on walls can also put your rooms into a new and authentic ecosystem. The folk art wallpapers can also induce traditional designs along with modern functionality to a great extent. You can also combine this wall art in the extra space with a great pair of plain or stylish curtains and indoor plants to give it a natural finish. Pair it up with brick walls, and light colors to give a perfect balance to the units.

Turn your bath space with a desi touch

Why not give a desi feel to your bathroom designs with printed tiles? You can also mix and match various patterns and different tile shapes to give it a cool look. To give it a great contrast, pick a bold tone, and ensure that the other is a comparatively muted tile color. Also, you can use hand-painted tiles which are high in demand in the market. You may add to the beauty with a traditional wooden vanity that holds bath essentials. Avoid bad lighting, and include ample lighting to stay perfect.

Give your interiors a colorful patchwork

While you look for a living room Indian Interior design for small flats, you can try colorful patchwork for the interiors. The pretty patches can provide an amazing zing to the interior design. There are numerous colors of soft furnishings that bind together to form unique yet modern designs. For soft furnishings such as cushion covers, carpets, and mats, patchwork is popularly used. You can always frame a patchwork fabric and turn the statement wall-ready. The Indian ornamental elements can be used to fill up the spaces. With Indian motifs for the bedroom with decorations and curtain hangings and even the conventional cut-work for mandir design spaces, you can add the authentic taste of India to the home interiors.

Classy Chettinad interior design

Some designs and trends remain evergreen, the Chettinad tradition is one among them. Bring home the lovely traditional Chettinad richness through smart furniture. With the Chettinad furniture that uses teak and cane-woven chairs, you can invoke Chettinad heritage in your compact spaces. Teak wood beholds great durability and is perfect for a humid climate. Hence, reusing the teak wood from old mansions can help you stay cozy during these situations. The additional elements like brass accessories, brass swing handles, floor lamps, hanging lanterns, etc, can keep it more eye-welcoming.

Sacred plants that welcome Indian heritage

Clever plant choices can not only keep your home blessed and revived, but also keeps Indian culture alive. A home is never a home without plants around. Cover balcony space, if any, with good potted plants. You can encourage both indoor and outdoor plants. Keep either a small tulsi plant, or decorate interiors with a few lotus plants to welcome positive energy to the homes. Decorative plants can be also used in functional spaces of Indian-style apartments. You can use modular kitchen design and accommodate small plants in the spaces of kitchen and balcony so that this welcomes fresh air in. Also, read more about fabulous indoor garden ideas in Kerala.

Wrapping Up

Residential projects like small flats and apartments usually face a lack of space, which makes them congested and least welcoming. To implement Indian interior design in small flats and city apartments, there are many ways, so that you can turn a compact space into an appealing space. All you need would be budget-home designers who can give your homes what you need and transform them into beautiful spaces. Which Indian interior design tips among the above would you love to give a try? Are there any other beautiful ideas you would suggest to make the Indian homes super-cool? Pour in your design suggestions and tips in the comments below!

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