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Top Tips For Small Pooja Room Designs In Apartments

Pooja room designs in apartments at Thrissur

Pooja rooms play an integral role in building a divine and serene space for your meditation and prayers.

Modern homes have adopted creativity in the pooja room designs, which make them comfy and ideal within the limited space.

Homeowners of flats and apartments in Thrissur also consider the layout of space-saving pooja room designs that are aesthetically attractive, functional, and keep up with the trends.

This blog is your perfect guide to explore the tips and tricks to design budget-friendly small pooja room designs in apartments.

You could be thinking about building it from scratch, rebuilding an existing design, or needing a complete makeover– these ideas can give you useful insights on making the designs pleasing.

How To Choose Pooja Room Designs In Apartments?

While it is necessary to own a beautiful prayer room in your house, you should also select the one ideal for the layout of the apartment in Thrissur you reside in.

It might be difficult to choose the right design ideas if you have little knowledge about how to begin and the factors affecting the pooja room designs.

Before you begin to explore the attractive designs for your prayer room, it is important to keep in mind the best direction to set it up based on Vastu Shastra.

North East is considered the perfect direction to place your Pooja room– both North and East are the most divine directions while you design the Mandir.

Let’s compile the top factors that contribute to a great pooja mandir design:

It’s ideal to design the space for a Pooja room in the early stages of construction of your apartment itself. Thrissur builders accommodate such requirements of its customers.
  • Consider the entire available space for the blueprint.
  • Choose vibrant colors.
  • Plan the design according to the space available.
  • Pay attention to the direction of the pooja room.
  • Let the design reflect your thoughts and personality.

Tips To Build Small Room Pooja Designs In Apartments

Now, let’s introduce the most useful hacks you can use to create a beautiful yet serene small pooja room in your home.

Pooja room in a corner to save space


Corner pooja mandirs are the best options you can go for in case the apartment lacks additional space.

To construct the space-saving pooja room designs in any of the corners, you can use components like wooden slabs.

Construct the wooden temple slabs in alignment to give an adequate scope for building small pooja rooms of this kind.

Keep the following factors in mind while making the layout:

  • Choose the ideal height and breadth of the material.
  • Make sure the material you choose is durable.
  • Let the material colour go well with the colours of your wall.
  • If carried out correctly, then the design will not occupy more space.

Stand-alone pooja mandir for a separate space

If you need to have a stand-alone pooja room, but struggle due to the limited space available, this is a good idea.

With this pooja mandir, you can have a feeling similar to having a separate pooja room.

This is one of the most trending pooja room design ideas that apartment owners are fond of.

You can add more charm to these designs with small doors, which can give them a more attractive and pleasant look.

Include Traditional Elements to make it more appealing


If you require a traditional pooja room, try adding the components that give it a classy appearance.

Try incorporating a traditional shrine with a wooden texture, combined with a wooden frame.

How beautiful your pooja room can be when you include traditional designs like diyas, lamps, flowers, and plants to give the atmosphere its true serenity?

Holy books, incense sticks, bells, and traditional pooja thali can make the sacred space interesting to devote your time to God.

Convert your unused shelf to a pooja room

Why not convert your empty or unused shelf into a beautiful pooja unit?

Use tiny accessories and idols that fit into the dimensions of the pooja cupboard you use.

This unit with amazing cupboard designs can help you save a lot of space and keep it isolated while giving you the satisfaction of having a dedicated place to worship.

Glass Pooja Room Design for a modern look


Homeowners who nod their heads to the semi-private pooja temple designs can choose the glass designs.

They are excellent to use when you lack space to allocate for a separate prayer room.

You can use frosted glass to ensure privacy, instead of using completely transparent glass.

The door design that utilizes glass is the best for modern spaces.

To give it a spiritual view, you can inscribe them with motifs too.

Warm Lights to brighten your lives

Warm lights can invite elegance to your pooja rooms.

These are cost-effective yet beautiful parts of the mandir since they magnify the place and give it a peaceful atmosphere.

Choose ambient lighting for positive vibes, don’t focus on over-brightening with too many lights.

Keep the place best to the eyes; you can also try traditional hanging brass lamps to give it a natural look.

Design with jaali doors for a complete temple look.

One of the most exciting small pooja room designs in apartments is adding jaali doors to the pooja rooms.

These small wooden doors can be attractive, however, stainless steel doors are also available in the market.

You can either install a mandir with doors in the living rooms or your bedrooms, depending upon the space.

Mirrors To build The Illusion Of Space

If you love to magnify the pooja room, mirrors can help you out!

To use this design, you can take a wall-mounted mirror that makes the space look much larger than the usual size.

This technique uses the reflection of light and makes the shrine large enough for the viewers.

Add flowers, decorative elements, pooja essentials, and diyas to make it more pleasant.

Pooja room on a ledge with a unique background

Due to the convenience and the purpose it serves, the pooja units in apartments are becoming high in demand.

Ensure you have space to keep the essential things for your Mandir to set up, and you can have a great pooja room on a ledge.

To make it more convenient, add a vibrant background or designs for walls so that you experience a different area allocated for worship.

Wall-mounted mandirs as a space-saver


In case you find it hard to find space in your apartment interiors, you can always opt for Wall-mounted small pooja room designs in apartments.

With wall-mounted units, you can save space without disturbing the activities on the floor.

You can provide ample space since they are kept away from any area that is a part of your daily routine.

Small Idols and diyas to add to the colour scheme

Keep small and attractive idols to add beauty to your pooja spaces.

Light diyas and lamps to spread brightness all over the unit.

Instead of large idols, you can keep them short, and add small brass bells, wooden wall, flowers, and pooja materials, considering the space of your pooja room.

Add accessories to cover the Balcony

In many apartments, the rooms have small balconies attached to them. You can transform them into amazing pooja rooms if you want to.

Keep readymade Marble flooring on a high platform in the room. Keep small bells and deities as per the space accessible.

Place plants and flowers to add more to the look. Ensure a good natural light comes in to give it a heart-welcoming look.

Try a Floating Pooja Unit in the Living Room


You can try a floating unit which again belongs to the space-saving category. It takes very minimal space and you can install them on any wall you prefer.You can place them either in the living room or near the study room.

However, people also consider placing floating pooja units in the kitchen.

Exclusive Built-in Cabinets

The in-built pooja cabinet designs are another beautiful designs you can adopt for the shrine.

You may use backlit panels or wooden panels to give it the look of a wall-mounted temple.

It is easy to install, maintain, and cost-effective, hence you can go for it if you are looking to design with budget considerations.

Pooja cabinets in the kitchen


Nowadays, people consider kitchens to build their pooja units. To make sure that it facilitates positive energy flow, the residents talk with Vastu experts before placing the units in the kitchen.

Also, it should not restrict the daily kitchen routine. Try to choose long-lasting materials for Your kitchen pooja units.

You can tuck the pooja cabinets in a corner or make wall-mounted units to keep the floors free.

Final Note

You might have now come across the quick tips to make pooja room designs mind-blowing while sticking to the space limitations your apartments might have.

Also, have a quick look at the important Vastu tips for your pooja room design:

Avoid pooja units under the staircase, keep them in the open space adjacent to the stairs instead.

Don’t keep the pooja room next to the bathroom.

Keep it airy, and ensure there is ample ventilation.

In the kitchen, always follow the northeast direction for your pooja mandir.

Do not leave the diya or the lamp lit or even the incense sticks burning if you have to leave the apartment for some emergency work or normally. It’s a fire hazard.

Hope this guide has given you a better understanding of how to revamp or build your preferred pooja room ideas in apartments.

Which pooja room design did you find the most interesting? Let us know your favorite pooja room design in the comments section.

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