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Most Common Types of Apartments You Need To Know Before Buying A Flat

Luxury Apartments in Thrissur
If you are planning to buy a house or rent a house in the heart of the city, the most feasible solution is to buy an apartment. Apartment living is often preferred by most of the occupants owing to the security, amenities, and ease of maintenance. People living in Thrissur are moving to flats in Thrissur because of easy access to offices, schools, and hospitals. You want the best apartment possible in terms of location, design, price range, storage space, noise and pollution levels, etc. as a home buyer or tenant. Additionally, it can be challenging to choose the ideal apartment when there are so many different kinds available. While some of the terms may be new to you, there are many different types of apartment styles. Here is a comprehensive list of types of apartments for you.

1. Studio Apartment

An apartment with a single room and an open layout is called a studio apartment, also referred to as a studio flat. Typically, a studio apartment has a living area, a bed area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. Additionally, some studio apartments have partial walls to establish boundaries. Alcove studios and convertible studios are two examples of studio apartment variations. Many times, prospective homeowners mix up a studio apartment with a one-bedroom apartment. The only distinction between the two is the availability of a separate bedroom.

For single homebuyers, a studio apartment is the best option, while a one-bedroom apartment is preferable if you’re moving in with someone. There is room, storage, and comfort for two people in both studio and one-bedroom apartments. But that depends on your way of life.

2. 1,2,3,4,5 BHK apartment

The number of rooms is the typical criterion used to group types of apartments. This would be equivalent to 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK in India, where B stands for the bedroom, H for the hall, and K for the kitchen. The number represents the number of rooms.

3. Duplex apartments

A duplex is a house with two floors of living space. Indian real estate has seen a rise in the prominence of duplex apartments. Apartments in duplexes have a kitchen, a living room, and bedrooms. The two floors of a duplex home are connected by a staircase. As a result, it is sold as a unit and is owned by just one person.

The main distinction between a duplex and a two-story home is that two-story homes are separate from one another and may or may not be linked by an internal staircase. For larger families, a duplex apartment is a great choice because it provides everyone with the privacy they need and has enough parking. A duplex resembles a traditional joint family house when viewed from a distance, but it has two front doors, each leading to a separate living space.

4. Penthouse apartments

A penthouse is a luxurious residential apartment located on the top floor of a multi-story building. However, penthouse apartments are now a term for any apartment on any floor that is filled with the best amenities and facilities, allowing the resident to live the most luxurious life. This type of luxury apartment is more expensive than the others; penthouses are typically 5-15% more expensive than other units in the same building. Furthermore, since they’re considered premium residential units, they are situated in upscale residential neighbourhoods. Due to their large size, penthouses typically have no one living above them and fewer units on the floor, giving their residents more privacy. Oftentimes, a private entrance provides direct access to these upscale residences.

5. Garden apartments

Have you ever wondered what exactly a “garden apartment” was after seeing the term? A garden apartment is a more compact apartment complex that typically has one to three floors and is built around a garden or other open space. These apartments are more prevalent in suburban and rural areas and typically lack elevators. In a garden apartment, you might not have your own garden space, but the neighbourhood may have shared walking paths, trees and shrubs, ponds, and other natural features. The partially underground apartments are not worth it, so it is important to thoroughly inspect the garden apartments. Your expectations for aesthetic pleasure can be exceeded by garden-style apartments, which also allow you to take in the fresh air and vegetation.

6. Gated communities

The majority of Indian home buyers find their residential apartments in gated communities since the concept of gated communities is incredibly popular in this country. Families moving into a new home typically choose flats, row houses, or apartments in gated communities because they offer a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, they offer residents a limited number of amenities and facilities, such as shops, gyms, and restaurants, that are tailored to their needs.

7. Walk-up apartments

A walk-up is a type of apartment building without an elevator. To get to your walk-up apartment, you’ll need to go up stairs unless you rent on the main floor. The average height of these structures is six stories or less, and they are frequently more affordable than larger apartment complexes with elevators. Walk-ups are a great option for those looking for less expensive options in the city. These types of apartments are typical in India’s major cities.

8. Low-rise apartments

A low-rise apartment is one with four or fewer floors. The only difference from walk-up apartments, some low-rise apartments have elevators. Low-rise apartment buildings include walk-ups and garden apartments.

9. Mid-rise apartments

A mid-rise building has between five and twelve floors. Mid-rise apartment buildings, unlike low-rise apartment buildings, usually have an elevator. Mid-rise apartment buildings are popular because they are more cost effective for developers because they have more units than low-rise apartment buildings but are not as expensive as high-rise apartment buildings.

10. Waterfront apartment

The waterfront apartments offer their residents a luxurious experience with the tranquillity of the waterfront environment. Living on a waterfront property can give you the convenience of enjoying the ideal aesthetic pleasure, a cool breeze, and living standards, as well as the lovely backwaters, aquatic birds, and alluring blue skies.

11. High- rise apartments

A high-rise apartment building is typically any structure with 12 floors or more. A high-rise could be anything taller than seven stories, and a skyscraper is a high-rise building with more than 40 floors. In large cities where high-rises are most prevalent, every high-rise has an elevator that is typically positioned in the middle of the structure. Premium high-rise apartments will have all the amenities, including a park, gym, supermarket, cafe, swimming pool, party hall, and parking areas. They will also provide high-tech waste disposal techniques. It will be a gated community with security systems and security personnel.

12. Flex-apartments

A temporary wall can be used to divide a room in a flexible apartment, also known as a convertible apartment. For instance, if you rent a one-bedroom flexible apartment, a temporary wall could be used to turn the space into a two-bedroom apartment. This adaptable space can be created by renters in a variety of ways, including by using pressurised walls.


Along with the development of the real estate market, the types of apartments are becoming more diverse, each with their own set of characteristics suitable for a variety of purposes and prices. Apartments can provide you with a promising advanced lifestyle that includes the most desired world class luxury, utmost comfort, and the highest standard of living. Furthermore, the view of the premises and the perfect scenic surroundings can give your eyes extreme happiness. They can give you the feeling of discovering the most deserving place to live.

Nevertheless, deciding which apartment type is ideal for you is primarily determined by three factors: your lifestyle, family size, and budget. Furthermore, before you settle on your new flat in Thrissur, you should consider factors such as privacy, amenities, and location. Remember that there is no simple answer to the question of ‘which apartment type is best for you,’ because there is no such thing as’ enough enough space.’ In such cases, it is best to seek the advice of apartment building consultants. However, I hope the above article was helpful in making your decision to purchase an apartment.
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