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How to Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool in the Summer?

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You have already entered in the month of March and the sweltering heat of the sun is making your life miserable. During this scorching summer, it is impossible to stay outside for a long time, that’s why people are preferring to prefer spending most of their time inside the home in the summer. But it won’t be an easier job for you to stay cool and comfortable inside your home during the summer especially if you are living on the top floor flats or an apartment in Thrissur. As heat wave raise, you can certainly notice there is a temperature gap between the lower and top floors of your building.
Though by installing an AC (air conditioner), you can combat this miserable heat, but you won’t be happy when you get your electricity bill. Instead of giving up, you can take some simple steps and can make your top floor flats more comfortable and cooler. Here, we are mentioning some fruitful tips regarding how to keep top floor apartment cool in summer. This useful information will not only help to keep your top floor apartment cool in summer but also help you how to keep your house cool in summer naturally. Also checkout these tips while you buy apartments so that you can avail the facilities according to your wish.

Insulate And Vent The Attic

When the attic temperature elevate, this heat radiates into your apartment or home through the ceiling and walls. If you are staying on the top floor of a building, then you will certainly feel the effects of it. So, in this case, you should adopt for some top floor apartment heat insulation processes. Always check your attic to make sure the insulation and ventilation are sufficient. If attic heat still causes a problem, without wasting any time, install an attic fan to vent the unbearable heat outdoors.


If you are living in a humid area, you will sweat a lot and your sweat will not easily evaporate. Thus, you will feel hotter, sticky, wet, and miserable. To cope up with this situation, always wear some loose cotton clothes and use a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air and thus, you will feel cooler and comfortable even in a hot atmosphere.

Close Your Blinds For a Certain Period of Time

Though sunlight has many advantages particularly for the children, still it will not help you to keep your room cool. So, it would be a prudent decision for you if you close your blinds from late morning until the evening. This simple step will keep your room at least 10 degrees cooler from the outside.

Install Ceiling Fans Wisely

Ceiling fans play a pivotal role to keep your top floor as well as entire house cool and comfortable during this summer. Generally, ceiling fans create a breeze and thus, you may feel cooler. Because the airflow evaporates sweat from your skin. Once you have installed ceiling fans, you can resist lowering the thermostat setting easily and spare an air conditioner from running so much. This will not only help you feel cooler but also it saves a chunk of energy.

Be Smart with Your Doors

If you want to keep your room cooler, close the doors as much as possible. Once you close your doors, this will prevent cool air from permeating out. In this way, you can keep your room temperature cool for a long time even in the warmest part of the day.

Don’t Cook Inside During the Day Time

During the summer, you should make a wise cooking plan to stay cool and comfortable. Try to avoid using your oven during the day time. Because your kitchen will create a lot of heat during cooking. So, try to cook during the coolest part of the day i.e. either early in the morning or in the evening. If you have an outdoor space or a backyard, utilize it in this summer for a barbeque dinner. Do you still need to cook during the day time? Then, you should opt for a micro oven or start grilling.

Turn off Your Lights and Other Electronics Equipment

Light bulbs produce a lot of heat specially incandescent and halogen bulbs. So, turn off those lights if they are not required. If you are planning to install compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), then this could be a great idea to stay cool and comfortable this summer. In this electronics era, most of the electronics items like TV, computers, gaming equipment, etc. produce a lot of heat. Try to minimize their use and unplug them when they are not required. This will minimize your room heat and lesser heat means a cooler interior.

Use Your Bathroom or Kitchen Exhaust Fans:

Instead of using an AC why don’t you utilize your bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans to stay comfortable in this scorching heat of summer? These exhaust fans not only draw out excess steam but also they draw out heat from nearby rooms. If you use them, you will certainly see a striking difference. So, use them during the warmest part of the day to calm and comfortable.

Use a Pedestal or Table Fan Wisely Instead of Using an AC

If you can’t afford an AC, why don’t you setup a table fan wisely? Just fill a bowl with ice cubes or ice packs and place it at an angle in front of or behind a large fan. In this way, the air of the fan whips off the ice in an extra-chilled state. You will certainly get a soothing and cool breeze which you might not get even with an AC.

Focus on Your Body Temperature

You should focus on the temperature of your body instead of focusing on the temperature of your room. Try to keep yourself cool inside your house and this is not at all a bad idea. Sip ice drinks and keep cool clothes to strong-pulsed areas like neck and wrists, that will make you cool and comfortable in this summer. Keep a cool bottle just beside your bed and drink it in the night whenever you will feel warm and humid.

Go for Shades Outside Your Window

These days, the markets are thronged with various stylish and affordable window shades which you can easily install over your windows. These shades will allow entering the light but will block the heat. If you are planning to install such window shades ask your builder in Thrissur for the best rate and installation process.

Plant Shade

Though this requires a little bit of planning and time, still you will get win-win results from this. It is true that plants and trees can block nearly 70% of solar radiation and keep your room cool. The markets are crammed with many Sun-loving, shade-providing plants, trees and shrubs which you can easily install in front of your windows to cool down the temperature of your room. Moreover, these trees and plants consume CO2 Carbon dioxide and breathe out Oxygen and water vapour. These indoor plants will make a temperature drop near about 5 to 10 °F as compared to the outside. Also Read some fabulous indoor garden ideas.

Always Invest In Better Doors, Windows, And Insulation

While checking out a home, always consider more energy efficient options for your windows, doors and insulation. It is true that better insulation and tighter seals will always keep your home cooler in the scorching heat of summer and simultaneously, it will make your room warmer in winter with less energy.

Get a Cool Roof

Why don’t you consider some roof cooling techniques for your flats in Thrissur to stay cool and comfortable this summer? In this context, a cool roof would be an ideal choice which will reflect the sunlight. Cool roofs lessen the amount of heat transferred to your top floor as well as the entire house. Those who can’t afford an AC should use a cool roof because it can drastically reduce your internal temperature. One of the easiest ways to get a cool roof is you can paint your roof with light coloured paint.

Stop Using the Dryer To Dry Your Clothes

Stop using dryers in the summer to dry your clothes because dryers are heat multipliers. So, they will produce a lot of heat. Rather you should hang your wet clothes on a rope and let them dry naturally.

Let Air Enter in During The Night

During the summer, nights are cooler and very pleasant. So, try to utilize it fully. Open most of your windows so that night air can enter your flats easily. But don’t compromise with the security, so install a grill or a net in front of your windows.

Put White Covers on Your Furniture

You should know that white covers can retain less heat in your furniture. Moreover, these white fabric covers also reflect the light. Because it absorbs less heat from sunlight. In this way, your furniture and interior of the house will stay cooler in the summer.

The above mentioned are some of the fruitful tips regarding how to keep your top floor apartment cool in the summer.

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